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Introduction Sports equipment is essential for any sports activity. It is important to use the right equipment to ensure safety and enhance performance. In this article, we will discuss a game-based English lesson plan focused on sports equipment. This lesson plan is designed for intermediate-level English learners. Objectives The objectives of this lesson plan are: - To introduce and practice sports equipment vocabulary - To develop listening and speaking skills through a game-based activity - To enhance learners' understanding of the importance of using appropriate sports equipment Materials - Pictures of sports equipment - Flashcards of sports equipment vocabulary - A board and markers - A ball or other sports equipment Procedure Step 1: Warm-up (10 minutes) Start the lesson by asking the learners if they like to play sports. Ask them to name some sports they like to play and the equipment they use. Write down their answers on the board. Step 2: Vocabulary (20 minutes) Introduce the learners to some common sports equipment vocabulary. Use flashcards or pictures to show the equipment and ask learners to repeat the words after you. Some examples of sports equipment vocabulary are: - Ball - Bat - Helmet - Gloves - Racket - Skates - Skateboard - Rollerblades - Running shoes - Swimming goggles Step 3: Game (30 minutes) Divide the learners into two teams. Give each team a ball or other sports equipment. Explain the rules of the game: - Each team has to pass the ball to their teammates using only the sports equipment. - The team that drops the ball or uses the wrong equipment loses a point. - The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Play the game for 15-20 minutes. As the learners play, encourage them to use the sports equipment vocabulary they learned earlier. Step 4: Review (10 minutes) After the game, ask the learners to recall the sports equipment vocabulary they used during the game. Write down any new vocabulary they learned. Ask them to explain the importance of using the right sports equipment for safety and performance. Step 5: Homework (10 minutes) Assign the learners to write a short paragraph about their favorite sports equipment and why they like to use it. Encourage them to use the sports equipment vocabulary they learned in class. Conclusion Using games to teach English is an effective way to engage learners and make the learning process enjoyable. This game-based English lesson plan focused on sports equipment vocabulary is a great way to help learners develop their listening and speaking skills while increasing their knowledge of sports equipment. By using appropriate sports equipment, learners can ensure their safety and enhance their performance in sports activities.